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Poster: 0 Date: Aug 7, 2002 9:46am
Forum: texts Subject: random comments

1. browsing by title seems to be broken...even the titles listed as most
popular text can't be found through titles area. Authors seems to work.

2. "Images for this text are not available"..."description for this text is not available"...
we may want to eliminate these things...for instance, the images not available text dominates the left-side and dwarfs the link to the djvu book, which is what we want highlighted.
In general, I think we kind of hide the link to the actual digital book too has to click on the title to get to another page, then find the link to the might be nice to put a link to url right above "view text images", or next to the title. Also, the title link is white instead of blue, so its not as emphasized as say the blue links to the right of "Keywords:" Also, the view text images link shouldn't appear if "Images for this text are not available"

3. Having author and text as ordinary search categories is a little klunky...for instance, I don't think we should have a link to "other A titles" or "other authors whose name begins with W".
Also, popular categories should not be things such as "Authors:A". Could the ui be modified without screwing up the internals of treating author/title as normal categories.

4. Should we make it clear that "Search" on the collections is searching on title/author and not full-text?

5. On the Gutenberg site, Ryan Morales is listed as a contributor. Also the Thousand Books. I like to see the interns get credit, but if we do it, it should list the entire group. We might also think about having something about USF interns from the "About" page, especially if we are going to be doing this in the future.

6. On the Gutenberg site, the category of American Literature has so many items that it isn't really useful-- one basically starts browsing through the A's. I wonder if date might be a secondary category...i.e., when American Lit. is chosen, one can then choose a time period. Of course if we get second level categories from, say, dewey of loc #s, that would help too.


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Poster: 0 Date: Aug 7, 2002 10:49am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: random comments

great comments! i will work on all of this soon.